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What's Your Fit?

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Find your bra in 3 easy steps:
  1. Find your band size

    Measure the distance in inches (“) around your rib cage just below your bust using a soft measuring tape. Make sure it’s snug; not too loose or too tight. This number is your band size. If you are in between inches, just round up to the closest whole number.

  2. Find your bust size

    Super simple. Just measure around the fullest part of your bust in inches (“) to find your size. This number is your bust size.

  3. Reference our Fit Guide below to find your bra size

Band 27"-34"

Bust 27" 28"-29" 30"-31" 32"-34"
33" 32A      
34" 32B 34A    
35" 32C 34B 36A  
36" 32D 34C 36B  
37" 32DD 34D 36C 38B
38"   34DD 36D 38C
39"     36DD 38D

Band 35"-44"

Bust 35"-38" 39"-40" 41"-42" 43"-44"
40" 38B      
41" 38C      
42" 38D      
43" 38DD 40C    
44"   40D    
45"   40DD 42C  
46"     42D  
47"     42DD  
48"       44D
49"       44DD
Bra & Bralettes Size Chart
*Are we out of stock in your size, or do you want to know other bra sizes you might fit into? Check out our Cross Over Sizes below.
Size   Bra Size Crossover Bra Sizes
XS 0-2 32A, 32B 30A, 30B, 32AA
S 4-6 32C, 32D, 34A, 34B 30C, 30D
M 8-10 32DD, 34C, 34D, 36A, 36B 30DD
L 12-14 34DD, 36C, 36D, 38B  
Size   Bra Size Crossover Bra Sizes
XL 14-16 36DD, 38C, 38D, 40C 32DDD
1X 16-18 38D, 38DD, 40C, 40D 32DDD, 34DDD
2X 18-20 38DD, 40DD, 42C, 42D 36DDD
3X 20-22 42DD, 44C, 44D  
Fit Issues? We Got Answers.
  • My Straps Are Slipping.

    It might seem obvious, but tighten the straps using the adjusters. If your straps continue slipping, we recommend going down one band size.

  • My Straps Are Digging In.

    Loosen your straps using the adjusters. If they are still digging in, we recommend going down a band size. If the problem continues, you may need to go up one cup size.

  • My Band Sits Too Low.

    Adjust your straps to make sure they are tight enough. If your band is still riding low, make sure it is on the tightest hook. If the problem persists after that, you need get a smaller band size.

  • My Band is Riding Up.

    Your band should sit straight across your back. If your band is riding up, your straps or your band might be too tight. Try adjusting your straps, and if this is still happening, you may need a bigger band size or a bigger cup size.

  • I Have Double Boob.

    All you need to do is go up a cup size or choose a bra style that provides more coverage.

  • I Have Under Boob.

    You may need to adjust your band to a tighter hook or try going down a band size. If the problem persists you may need to go up a cup size.

  • I Have Side Boob.

    Try loosening your straps. If this does not work you need to go up a cup size.

  • My Cup is Gapping.

    This is a super common problem, and sometimes all you need to do is tighten your straps. If the problem continues, try going down a cup size.

Knickers Size Chart
Size   Waist Hip
XS 0-2 24.5"-25.5" 35.5"-36.5"
S 4-6 26.5"-27.5" 37.5"-38.5"
M 8-10 28.5"-29.5" 39.5"-40.5"
L 12-14 30.5"-31.5" 41.5"-42.5"
Size   Waist Hip
XL 14-16 32.5"-33.5" 43.5"-44.5"
1X 16-18 34.5"-36.5" 45.5"-47.5"
2X  18-20 38.5"-40.5" 49.5"-51.5"
3X  20-22 42.5"-44.5" 53.5"-55.5"
Sleepwear Size Chart
Size   Bust Waist Hip
XS 0-2 32.5"-33.5" 24.5"-25.5" 35.5"-36.5"
S 4-6 34.5"-35.5" 26.5"-27.5" 37.5"-38.5"
M 8-10 36.5"-37.5" 28.5"-29.5" 39.5"-40.5"
L 12-14 38.5"-39.5" 30.5"-31.5" 41.5"-42.5"
Size   Bust Waist Hip
XL 14-16 40.5"-41.5" 32.5"-33.5" 43.5"-44.5"
1X 16-18 42.5"-44.5" 34.5"-36.5" 45.5"-47.5"
2X 18-20 46.5"-48.5" 38.5"-40.5" 49.5"-51.5"
3X 20-22 50.5"-52.5" 42.5"-44.5" 53.5"-55.5"
Lingerie Glossary

Demi Bra


A low cup silhouette that exposes the top part of the bust creating a naturally fuller look.

Push Up Bra


A bra with angled cups, underwire, and a pad that is thicker under the bust but tapers off toward the neckline. Creates the illusion of larger size by pushing the breast up. 

T-Shirt Bra


A bra with cups and smooth underwire creating a seamless effect under clothing that keeps nipples from showing through.

Unlined Bra 


Any bra without foam or padding lining in the cups to create a natural shape and provide support.