How the VIP Membership Works

As part of the paid, flexible Xtra VIP Membership Programme, you will always save up to 25% on full-price items and have access to members-only Xclusives.

  • Shop or ‘Skip’

    No commitment to buy. The choice is always yours, either shop or log in to your account to ‘Skip the Month’ by the 5th of each month.

  • Receive VIP Member Credits

    If you don’t shop or "skip" by the 5th of the month, your payment method will be charged £49.95 on the 6th until you cancel. Your charge becomes a VIP Member credit that you can redeem on purchases of £49.95 or more.

  • Cancel Anytime

    Cancel anytime by calling our Customer Service Representatives on 020 3936 1112 (Mon-Sun 9 am to 6 pm).